Confier son chien à une pension canine pour la première fois ?

Leaving your dog in a dog boarding – This morning Mr and Mrs L came to visit the boarding house. During this first contact, Bouli could not enter the kennel because his health record was not up to date. I therefore explained to the spouses L. the shortcomings in the protection of their little Bouli as well as the sanitary follow-up required by our general conditions.

Leaving your dog in a dog boarding

I would like to take this opportunity to remind you that all our residents must be vaccinated for CHPPI, LR and kennel coughs. They should be regularly dewormed (at each change of season) as well as protected against tics and fleas by a veterinary treatment.

Confier son chien à une pension canine : voici comment se passe l'accueil d'un nouveau pensionnaire au club des copains

We started with a visit to the canine boarding house with its outbuildings as well as the various outdoor parks. Throughout the visit, Mrs. L took advantage of my listening to ask for additional information, especially when it came to health monitoring of her doggie.


Welcome to the Club des Copains

During this visit I felt that Mrs L. who was relaxing seeing our boarders frolic outside under the supervision of my wife. Having finished the visit we are ironed by the reception where we have finalized the various documents necessary for the registration of Bouli as well as his future stay:

  • The customer record, which includes the contact details of the clients and the main habits of the future residents.
  • Decide on the day of acclimatization which, I remind you, is ideally a dozen days before a first stay
  • Validate the reservation of the next stay of Bouli to the club of the buddies
  • In a relaxed atmosphere I accompanied Mr and Mrs L to the portal reassuring them and telling them that they do not hesitate to call me or send me an e-mail for any other questions.

While accompanying the car Mr and Mrs L I took advantage of the exit of Bouli to make him a caress. This first contact allowed these new customers to reassure themselves while discovering our installations as well as the passion that drive us for our activity.


Yves Ballesto
Dog Boarding

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